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Gift wrap for wholesale and business

Are you looking for a large selection of gift wrap for your business or store? At Scanseason, we follow the trends of the time, and can offer good quality gift wrap with different patterns and colors. We offer wholesale of exclusive wrapping paper for B2B, and can supply gift rolls in large quantities. This applies to both large gift rolls and gift ribbons.

Gavepapir Engros - Køb gavepapir til din butik

Gift wrap for retail stores

Scanseason is a supplier to various retail stores that use gift wrap to pack goods for consumers. We sell to both small businesses and larger retail chains. For many retail stores, it is important to have the right paper for wrapping. A gift should look inviting, with gift ribbons and cards, and the colors should also match the event where the gift is to be given.


For several years, Scanseason has ensured that the retail stores' goods are wrapped nicely in quality gift paper, which means that the gift gets the perfect look when it is given to a person who is close to the buyer of the gift.


New collections of gift wrap 2022

Our skilled graphic designers are always working on new designs, and use resources to familiarize themselves with future trends and colors. We diligently participate in various design fairs, which give us renewed creative strength to design new collections of gift wrap designs. If you want the current designs, click here.


We understand the needs of our customers

At Scanseason, we understand our customers' wishes and needs. For some customers, it is important to be able to customize the gift wrap design according to their brand, and other customers have specific wishes for specific colors that should be included in the design. We can meet the vast majority of wishes, and we have customers who have shopped at Scanseason for several decades.


We are not afraid to enter into dialogue with our customers, and get ideas and sparring from the retail life. It is actually important for us that we get information and wishes from our customers so that we can put together the right designs for the alien-oriented collections.


Buy gift wrap online

We have collected all our gift wrap on our webshop, so you can get an overview of our offerings and assortments. You can find everything from gift wrap for kids, and to specific holidays. All our collections contain designs for every taste. You can explore our gift wrap universe here.


Our webshop also contains much more than gift wrap. For example, you can also find other types of wrapping solutions, such as gift ribbons, shipping bags, gift bags, web packaging and much more.