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Historien om Dansk Papirforsyning


The story of Dansk Papirforsyning


DP Denmark was founded in 1940 under the name ‘Danish paper supply’. At that time, the company sold products that were in short supply after World War II, such as blackout curtains, shaving gear and packaging. Almost 80 years later, DP Denmark has developed into a significant supplier of packaging for the retail trade both at home and abroad. With its foundation, DP Denmark has developed a healthy business, with high customer service and a strong ability to keep up with the times, with a focus on Scandinavian design.


A modern company built on good traditional values
DP Denmark would like to help protect the environment. We are happy to print in environmentally friendly plastic, recycled foil or biodegradable foil, depending on our customers' wishes and needs. We are constantly working to develop new and exciting packaging solutions. We always strive to be modern and follow the trends of the time.


With the many years of experience in the industry, DP Denmark has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge within e.g. gift wrap, bags, bags, wafers / stickers, boxes, paper bags, plastic bags and gift ribbons both with and without your own logo. Call us on tel. 55 72 20 10 and tell us about your wishes and ideas, and we will help you realize them.


Dansk Papirforsyning